Measure what matters.

Members Insights

Track and get insights into various members’ activity in your community.

Cohort Analysis

Do I retain more users in 2016 or 2015? Questions, like this one, are easy to answer with our advanced analytics segments.

Category Analysis

See what's trending in individual subforums and categories within your community.

Search Anything and Everything

Need to find that post, back in 2009? Not a problem.

Subforum Analysis

Compare your subforums/categories. See what's trending, what's working and why.

Tagging made simple

For reporting and retrieval, you can tag posts, users, threads etc. All tags are indexed and displayed wherever you need them.


See leaderboards of your most active members.

Automated Email Reports

Get an automated, succinct update in your inbox on any schedule you want.

Full export

Your data is yours, you can always export your tags, data and calculated metrics.