Frequently Asked Questions

Do you support custom platforms?

Yes, the Community Analytics engine is platform agnostic.

For custom, homegrown solutions, we do need to set up a custom integration. We can work through the specific logistics on our first call.

Is my community’s data fully secure on your platform?

Yes, it includes HTTPS-only access. All data is available behind a personal log-in.

With our enterprise package, we offer custom security solutions, such as client side https certificates; VPN-only access; full-disk encryption; a private VPS; on-premise installs, maintained by the Community Analytics team, and other solutions to suit your need. Please contact us for more information.

What's the difference between Community Analytics and Google Analytics?

Community Analytics is designed to work hand and hand with Google Analytics. You can integrate Google Analytics into your dashboard to get a macro-level overview of traffic on your website.

Then, you can dive in with Community Analytics, to get the micro-level details to help your team make better data driven decisions based on what’s actually happening in your community. Our platform gives you all the community health metrics- such as post engagement and member activity- that you can’t natively get with Google Analytics.

Are there any cancellation fees?

No. If you sign up for our Hobbyist or Pro plans, you can cancel at any time without any fees.

Can we backdate to the start of our community?

If your community platform provides the information, we'll include it in Community Analytics.

Do you need access to our backend?

We need read-only access to your community platform’s API.

Is this software on-premise or SaaS?


Can we get a demo of the software?

We don’t currently offer free trial accounts. However, if you're not satisfied with the software, we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. No questions asked.