When Bas van Leeuwen and Alle Veenstra started working together, they wanted to make tools to make community managers’ jobs easier.

Bas has been working and managing communities for more than 6 years. For almost as long, he has been been frustrated with the lack of tools to see and track what’s actually happening within online communities. He ran countless manual reports, organized dozens of spreadsheets and still never felt like he could fully answer, “What’s the ROI of community activity X?” when his boss asked.

Bas knew what community managers needed to be effective, while Alle, a forensic data scientist brings state-of-the-art data science methods.

Hence, the the seed for Community Analytics was born.

Essentially, the duo built the analytics tool that Bas wished he had from the get-go. This tool takes the guesswork out of the analytics process. It frees up hours of your community manager’s time on manual data collecting, so they can focus on building and executing the community strategy.

Community Analytics is loved and used by well-known companies including Amsterdam Schiphol Airport, Immediate Media Co, Udemy and Nethserver.

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