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If you are only interested in getting this to work: Open Short Story Remove everything you already have and add this to the mobile /body section: div id="mobile_custom_footer" ul lia href="/"i class="fa fa-home fa-6"...
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meglio: Markers collapse too early, as a result: The map looks empty, even though it is not Navigating the map takes too many zoom in/out operations Would it be possible to have a setting which dictates this behaviour? Marker clustering is...
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Agree 1000% — I think we’d do a REM based system, then you’d be able to change one variable and scale everything proportionately. I think this is something we can get accomplished in the nearish future.
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Category column behaviour fixed. meglio: “Similar to this” topic list at the bottom of a topic shows topic excerpts, while it should not (it does not by default) I’m not seeing this behavior, e.g. Howl’s Moving Castle - social - Angus’...
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AFAIK, the tokens to use are what’s in line 579 here github.com discourse/discourse/blob/master/config/site_settings.yml#L578-L582 highlighted_languages: default:...
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(post withdrawn by author, will be automatically deleted in 24 hours unless flagged)
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Yes it is. Just type code in the search, it shows up pretty quickly.
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claas: “Zeige Geburtstags-Emoji(s) neben dem Namen von Benutzer(inne)n an ihren Geburtstagen”). “Zeige Geburtstags-Emoji am Ehrentag neben den Namen.”
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盈透证券中文论坛 盈透证券中文论坛 Interactive Brokers - Tiger Brokers - Snowball Securities - 中文论坛 本论坛非 Interactive Brokers LLC(盈透证券有限公司)官方论坛,仅为支持(盈透证券)在国内的发展。
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Is that setting still there? I can’t seem to find it.
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How to use Community Analytics

The Homepage

This is the homepage, this is where you will generally go to for the initial overview of your community. This is your daily starting point where you can check for any anomalies, read up on the latest posts and newest members, and click through to anything that catches your eye.

Other menu items

The homepage shows you the high level overview of your community.
The members overview is where you'd go if you want to find out how your members are doing.
The posts overview shows recent posts and threads, giving you a full overview on what's happening.
The charts show the trends in your community. They allow click-through to quickly zoom in on anomalies you might encounter.
Cohort Analysis
The cohort chart group users based on their join date. Allowing for very powerful comparisons between yearly quarters.
The leaderboard shows your topmost members/posts based on various criteria.
The report view can be used for reporting purposes, it shows historic values that should not change anymore (though there are some exceptions in case of deleted posts/members, imported data etc.)
The categories overview allows you to compare the performance of the various categories and subforums
Search allows you to find users and posts based on several categories, tags, cohorts and a free text search
Clicking the question mark provides you with a contextual help overlay.

Member types

Anyone who has a registered account in your community is considered a member. In Community Analytics there are several subtypes of members, most importantly participants and active members,

Active members

Those members that have contributed to your community in the past 28 days are considered active members. This is one of the best metrics of community health. More active members indicate that more and more people feel compelled to contribute.


People which have participated in your community at least once are called participants. While this is an important number to be aware of, Community Analytics cautions against using the total in daily reports, since this is mostly a vanity metric. It is better to report on active members and/or on new participants.

Inactive members

Participants that have not been active in the past 28 days are considered inactive.


A post is everything a member writes, e.g. comments, threads, replies, polls etc. Keeping an eye on the number of posts per week and the number of threads per week is good practice for a CM.

Lonely Posts

When a member posts something, and there is no one else in the thread with him, that thread is considered lonely. Try to keep the number of lonely posts low, since an unanswered question is unattractive for both the asker and any potential (new) visitors.

For a bit of a deep dive, you can consider having a look at the number of posts per member and the average number of posts in a thread.