How to use Community Analytics


Here we find the charts, the specific chart is explained on the right/below. Use the charts for a deepdive in your community data. Most of the charts allow you to click through to the specific members/posts that make up a data point.

Other menu items

The homepage shows you the high level overview of your community.
The members overview is where you'd go if you want to find out how your members are doing.
The posts overview shows recent posts and threads, giving you a full overview on what's happening.
The charts show the trends in your community. They allow click-through to quickly zoom in on anomalies you might encounter.
Cohort Analysis
The cohort chart group users based on their join date. Allowing for very powerful comparisons between yearly quarters.
The leaderboard shows your topmost members/posts based on various criteria.
The report view can be used for reporting purposes, it shows historic values that should not change anymore (though there are some exceptions in case of deleted posts/members, imported data etc.)
Search allows you to find users and posts based on several categories, tags, cohorts and a free text search
Clicking the question mark provides you with a contextual help overlay.

Year over Year compare

The recently added YoY compare adds two lines/bars to your chart. These represent the values of 1 year and 2 years before the charted date.

You are now able to easily compare the values of e.g. 13 march 2017 with those of 13 march 2016 and 13 march 2015. Helpful to see if a dip or spike is due to seasonality or if it's a new thing.

Number of participants

How many members have ever contributed?
  • easy to grasp
  • easy to report to management
  • better than number of members
  • the age of your community is the main factor
  • it will always rise
  • it's a vanity metric